"A loyal TUBIAN in 2013 opened up to me and told me her story and kindly asked me to do a video raising awareness on the issue. This project was made with the best intentions and pure heart. I know it will mean something different to us all and am happy to have opened up a well needed conversation. […] I have been given a responsibility with this YouTube platform of mine and always told myself to stay true and progress towards change."

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Make Me Choose |  | Foxxay or Mary Eunice/Dr. Arden
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People who make edits for fandoms work hard on them, they really do. They make them for themselves and for the fans of the character, ship. show, etc. They don’t make them to please everyone. If you don’t like the thing, don’t reblog the thing. Don’t reblog it and add your theories and rude comments. Enjoy the artwork or don’t touch it. Respect other peoples hardwork whether or not you agree with it.

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I liked Augustus Waters. I really, really, really liked him. I liked the way his story ended with someone else. I liked his voice. I liked that he took existentially fraught free throws. I liked that he was a tenured professor in the Department of Slightly Crooked Smiles with a dual appointment in the Department of Having a Voice That Made My Skin Feel More Like Skin.

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When my mom gives me the phone to talk to my relatives


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Photographer: Lea Roth

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Make me choose: walterreynolds asked: Shirtless Nathan Scott or Shirtless Lucas Scott?

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the hunger games & catching fire

 ↳ light and dark

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